“Our campus, and its land, offer acres of potential. Its diverse spaces - from farmstead gardens and wetlands to field and forested trails - offer so many places to observe and enjoy nature. Working with it teaches us what sources and resources we have around us. Being outside here gives children and adults a spacious sense of place, a connection to the land. And that connection offers boundless opportunities to learn from doing.” – Grade School Teacher

Maine Coast Waldorf School sits on a beautiful 75-acre campus, complete with woods, streams, a small network of trails, an apple orchard and a historic barn. Our setting invites a full and differentiated Waldorf student experience: play and study, gardening and camping, athletic and cultural events, and just being outside. Our vast natural resources are a cherished part of community life. These assets offer unique educational experiences that incorporate nature and the outdoors, enabling our children to live and be educated outdoors — now and in the future. Acres of fields and woodlands give us room to expand experiential study of the natural sciences, cultivate miles of maintained trails, and build a sports field for existing and new athletic endeavors. Our main campus is deeply rooted in a foundational value of our school: nature.

Our school community also enjoys a historically significant barn that anchors our campus in charm and creates a sense of place. The barn offers space to perform maintenance and dry storage for bulky theater props and equipment. Yet it can be much more. Considering MCWS’s growing dedication to permaculture, the barn has ample capacity and potential for use as a center for hands-on learning for our students and the larger community, through public workshops and events.

Trails & Outdoor Spaces

Expanding and improving our trail system has enriched outdoor education programming. It creates an unparalleled resource for our athletics and fosters access to and use of our forestland. An improved and expanded trail network also allows teams to train at home, rather than bus to Pineland, reducing the school’s footprint and operating costs. Upgrading our existing campsites and creating new outdoor classrooms allows MCWS to bring the woods to every child and his/her family. We  increased community pride and participation on our campus when we constructed:
• Safe, competition-ready trails that can host cross country running and skiing events. We graded existing and new trails to appropriate pitch and remove and reduce existing obstacles and brush, making trails available to all users.
• An expanded trail and outdoor classroom network through the woods of our campus that will grow the experiential opportunities within our current curriculum.
• Improved access and signage that welcomes parents, children, and community members into our woods, creating a connection to the natural world for greater health and well being.
• Gracious campsite and meeting spaces that can hold and facilitate community and group events, including retreats and conferences, on our campus.


It’s not sexy, but parking is a vital component of any building project — and a universally recognized area in desperate need of improvement at MCWS. Upgrading our roads and parking lots will create:
• A wholesale redesign of traffic that improves flow and safety for students and parents during morning drop- off and afternoon pickup.
• Additional lighting to safely illuminate nighttime activities and events.
• Paved, delineated surfaces that clearly define and organize parking.
• Increased parking capacity at the lower school and new parking capacity for the high school.
• Designated handicapped parking where necessary to make our campus more accessible to all.

Athletic Field

Building a regulation-size athletic field will help MCWS address our current athletic needs and programs and open up possibilities for new sports. When we build it, the community will enjoy:
• A regulation-size field on which our existing middle and high school ultimate teams can practice and hold competitions against other teams.
• A regulation pitch available to our existing students and creating the possibility for fall practices and club sports. It would also draw local children and parents to our campus for community teams and practices.
• A seasonal athletic surface that allows even wider offerings in our movement and games curriculum.
• Athletic opportunities to engage adults at the school through organized weekend sporting events.

Historic Barn

Our historic barn, recognized by the Freeport Historic Society as an important Freeport landmark, is a hard-working and valuable asset in need of serious love. Raising funds for its repair, upkeep, and potential revitalization will provide:
• Crucial storage for equipment and materials we use for year-round theater productions, festivals and school and community events.
• More space and storage for the blacksmith forge that has grown to be an essential aspect of our handwork program and a strong differentiation to our academic curriculum.
• A permanent home for and growth of our permaculture and agricultural arts program. Restoring the barn will allow us to better serve our existing classes and expand programs available to our larger community.




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