Inspiring Spaces, A Permanent Home

“Our new high school building will be designed specifically for the education of adolescents.”
- MCWS High School Teacher

“The vision of Waldorf education is one of wholeness. Not just the wholeness of the individual student, but of the organism of the Waldorf school. With the high school out at Pineland, it is like the “head” of our school is cut off from the hands and heart. Bringing all the parts together on one campus allows for a unity mostly unavailable elsewhere in this compartmentalized world of bits and bytes.”
-MCWS High School Teacher

Since the high school’s inception, the board and faculty have always held a vision of a beautiful, energy-efficient building on the adjoining property on Desert Road, to create an independent home for high school students and link the high school to the main campus. Here, the arts and crafts will thrive alongside the academics, athletics and social life of the students. A richness of possibility unavailable to us at Pineland will thrive.

The new high school building is designed to meet PassivHaus and Maine Advanced Building criteria.

Our planned 10,600 square-foot high school will provide:
• Daily opportunities for interaction between high school and elementary and early childhood students and their parents will be offered by being a unified campus. Tutoring, “big brother/sister in- reach” programs, electives, all-school games days - the opportunities for leadership, mentorship and connections are endless.
• Students and faculty will develop a sense of stewardship and responsibility for the buildings and grounds they would share with the entire school community, establishing a relationship to the actual land that the high school would occupy, through gardening and outdoor education programs, work on maintaining ski trails, outdoor biology lessons, etc.
• We will build carefully planned, "intentional” facilities that truly meet the needs of a flourishing high school with upwards of 80-100
students. This would mean a science lab (complete with sinks!), commodious classroom spaces, adequate faculty offices, conference rooms, an appealing student center and other “social” spaces for students to enjoy.
• Being on one campus will allow more opportunities for faculty collaboration, mentorships and study. These interactions nurture and sustain a dynamic and diverse faculty.
• Ultimately, moving the high school to Desert Road will create a sense of wholeness that has been sorely missing for nearly a decade now, and wholeness is as essential to fostering health in communities as surely as it is for individuals. A unified campus will finally enable Maine Coast Waldorf School to embody Rudolf Steiner’s famous verse: “The healthy social life is found when, in the mirror of each human soul, the whole community finds its reflection, and when, in the community, the virtue of each one is living.”



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