“Waldorf schools are so much more than a place for the education of children; they need to be centers for the renewal of art, culture and community. In order for our Waldorf school to do its work beyond the classroom, we need warm and inviting spaces to welcome the adults - parents in our school and friends from the community - to our beautiful school.” - High School Teacher

The Community Hall is the hub of the community and often the first place visitors and prospective families venture into. Remodeling and adding ~4,000 square feet of space to this building offers a welcoming ‘front door’ for visitors and members of our community. No longer will Admissions quickly organize coats, boots, backpacks, and instruments to carve a path for prospective families! With dedicated space for students’ gear, the addition of a multipurpose room behind the stage and a special entrance for students, this will allow the front door user easy access to the new office, a stroll through the gallery, a seat in the café, and a beautiful view of our fields and woods.

Phase 1: Central Office

The addition of a professional wing finally allowed us to remove the hard-working but aging (~25 yrs) portable, the last ‘temporary solution,’ as our campus continues to evolve. A central office is a natural extension to our Community Hall, allowing visitors to enter a vibrant space that feels warm, professional and accessible. This addition provides a professional work space for faculty and staff. Moving our admissions office to the grade school campus streamlines further, making it part of the central office, creating a cohesive feel for parents, students and visitors. The office addition also serves the purpose of enhancing campus security and adult presence in the hub.

 Our planned 1,400-square foot office, admissions and faculty  space addition includes:
• A highly visible main office with a designated desk for the school’s new public receptionist.
• The centralized grades office, meeting rooms, and faculty and staff workstations.
• A quiet corner for students away from the front entrance that offers privacy while they wait to return to class or for someone to pick them up.
• A new home for admissions.

Phase 2: Multi-purpose, Practice and Storage Rooms

As our enrollment increases, so does the need for flexible teaching areas. Building a multi-purpose room with storage for both musical instruments and stage equipment is essential. There will be easy, energy-efficient access by students and teachers via the double-lock doors closest to the classroom buildings. Merriconeag Hall is currently scheduled back-to-back for play practices from early November through May for grades 4 through 12. Having a flexible space will allow a class practicing their play to happen simultaneously while another class uses the stage for their rehearsals and performances. Double doors between the backstage and the multipurpose room will allow movement of play props, risers and people. When closed, it will allow one group to be on stage and another class to be in the multi-purpose room.

Our planned 1,200 square foot Multi-purpose, Practice and Storage Rooms addition will include:
• The Multi-purpose Room will be an 800 sq ft space located behind, and directly accessible to, the backstage of Merriconeag Hall. It will be used primarily for music ensembles for grades 3-12, and performing arts for grades 4-12. The space would also be suitable for movement and Eurythmy classes, electives, group meeting
space, and additional uses for school events or community rentals.
• The Practice Room (approx. 200 sq ft) will be used for smaller group ensemble and music classes, as well as small group work for performing arts or movement.
• The Day Storage Room (approx. 200 Sq ft) located between the outside doors and the Multi-purpose Room, is an out of sight space where coats, boots, and instruments (or cases) can be stored as students come and go for classes.

Café and Kitchen

Along with student growth comes the need for more places for people to gather. The expansion of the kitchen and café offers an array of possibilities. We will have a working, teaching kitchen for teachers and students to make meals and special foods for festivals and holidays. It will host visitors during events, offer room to come
indoors during inclement weather, provide space for parent volunteers to serve and work, and be a gathering space for meeting. It will also be an eating and common area for Maine Coast High School students to use each day with the hope healthy lunches, with some ingredients from campus gardens, will eventually be prepared and sold to students and faculty from the kitchen.

The planned 1,000 square foot Café and Kitchen addition will include:
• The Café Space (approx. 700 sq ft) will accommodate approximately 45 people at 6-foot tables and chairs.
• The Kitchen (approx. 300 sq ft including storage) will be used for school festivals and events, culinary arts and class teaching, and the potential for providing nourishing meals for our High School students.

Additional Design Features:

• The enlarged, soundproof gallery will offer semi-private nooks for small group meetings while allowing the sunlight to still penetrate the area.
• Double doors exiting directly to the playing field could be used for access to a patio in the future, offering alfresco dining and outdoor meeting space.



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