MCWS Anti-Racism Statement

We commit ourselves to redoubling our efforts to end the endemic, pervasive, and lethal white supremacy, anti-black racism, and racism of all kinds, which are in our communities, our homes, ourselves. We recognize that educational institutions have a special obligation to be an anti-racist force in the world and to educate to end oppressions of all forms. We acknowledge our unique responsibility to educate ourselves and our students about the long history of colonialism, racial violence, and injustice; about the clear and pervasive obfuscation of that history; and about the long-standing existence of structural racism, racist policies, and white supremacy. We commit to looking anew at the way we teach, to looking at whose stories get told and why, and to guiding our students, in a developmentally appropriate way, to understand the malignant aspects of our history. We commit to developing and sustaining a thoroughly anti-racist curriculum. We commit ourselves to doing the, ultimately hopeful, work of ensuring racial equity and justice.

As the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

It does this, however, only if each of us does our part. At MCWS, we commit ourselves to doing our part: to doing more than ever to educate ourselves and our students, working tirelessly to realize Dr. King’s vision of recognizing the dignity and humanity of black, brown, and indigenous people, so that we can finally realize the important truth that all humans are created equal.