Early Childhood

We have limited openings in our early childhood program for 2021-22, and we hope you will call us (207-865-3900 x103) or inquire online if you’re interested in learning more. Depending on your child’s age and the number of days you need, we may still be able to consider your application for September 2021.

Our program runs from 8:30 – 12:00 or 8:30 – 3:00.  We also offer an after school program from 3:00 – 5:30.

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Fill out an Online Inquiry Form or contact us directly by phone or email.  We will arrange a convenient time for a phone conversation or a school visit. 

How to Apply

When you are ready to apply, simply submit our Parent Application Form.  If you prefer to print, scan, and email the completed form to us, you can download the form and email it to [email protected] If applicable, please ask your child’s current teacher to complete the Teacher Reference Form. 

Get in Touch

Email or call Admissions Director Lyn Baird:
[email protected]
207-865-3900 x103

Early Childhood Application Forms

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Academic and Emotional Support

Early Childhood

We believe the road to lifelong learning begins with play.

Waldorf education celebrates and builds upon the natural wonder, curiosity, and imagination of young children, nurturing students we look forward to knowing for years to come. Young children need time to explore and experiment in a safe environment with responsive adults. This feeling of safety and connection is what allows children to have fun and open up to new discoveries. Through close listening and observation, our teachers come to understand the unique interests, needs, and personality of each child.

Days in our early childhood programs have a rhythm of structured and unstructured activities that feed developing minds and bodies. At the same time, these activities nourish the social and emotional needs of children making their first friends and discovering independence. Free play, practical work, song and story offer multisensory experiences and build foundational skills for mathematics, sciences and language. Cooking, gardening, movement and outdoor exploration create opportunities to count, classify, measure and observe nature, leading to a genuine curiosity for learning and wonder. All of these opportunities help the children establish a healthy, balanced foundation for life.

For our youngest children we cultivate a beautiful, harmonious environment that encourages learning through doing, engages motor skills, evokes wonder, and gives young children the freedom to follow their natural curiosity. In our experience, this is a path that creates life-long learners.

Parents go through a simple application process to enroll a child in a nursery or kindergarten class. Please contact Admissions Director, Lyn Baird, 207-865-3900, Ext. 103 or [email protected] if you have questions about our program. Information about our tuition, and our tiered tuition program, can be found here.