Distance Learning Program

Distance Learning Overview

The mission of Maine Coast Waldorf School is to awaken the highest potential

in every student by fostering clarity of thought, warmth of heart, and

strength of resolve to make a difference in the world.


We at Maine Coast Waldorf School recognize that our mission will need to be carried out in a new, innovative way.  

Teachers will take into consideration that while many students will thrive with distance learning, others will struggle, and it may become necessary to explore new or different learning platforms that provide different experiences based on the individual student’s home experiences.

Teachers are strategizing how to best streamline content and elevate the most essential learning for students by the pacing of lessons and assignments. Teachers will do their best to ensure that students do not get overwhelmed by the volume or nature of the tasks that they are being asked to do largely independently.  All students will receive weekly learning guides with the understanding that parents and students may need some flexibility following these guides.  

Students might embrace new opportunities and possibilities. While distance learning should attempt to bring some normalcy and routine to students’ lives, teachers and parents shouldn’t ignore the circumstances either. Personal journaling or other creative writing and drawing assignments can help students process their thoughts, worries, and emotions, particularly in times of crisis.  Unforeseen interests may arise and teachers will recognize that learning is coming about also in this way.

Distance learning allows a  premium opportunity on a teacher’s ability to think more deeply about how to introduce content, practice skills, and coach students with thoughtful, specific feedback. Teachers will continue with the learning goals outlined in the curriculum sent in the fall reports via off and on-screen lessons.  The lessons may be delivered in a more chunked or scaffolded manner. We hope that letter writing, zoom meetings and phone calls will help maintain the strong social fabric that is such a strength in our children.

Distance Learning Program

Early Childhood Distance Learning Program

Grades 1-8 Distance Learning Program

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