Covid-19 Plan

The health and safety of each child and family in our community have been considered in the context of the best available scientific and medical information available. The faculty, administration, and Board of MCWS have worked tirelessly to plan for this year’s blueprint, with the wise counsel of our COVID Health and Safety Advisory Committee. For up-to-date information on covid-19 cases on campus, please head to our Covid-19 Dashboard.

Our 2021-22 COVID-19 blueprint has been developed to guide MCWS and its community of teachers, students, parents, and staff members. In an ongoing effort to provide the most comprehensive Waldorf education to our students under the omnipresent threat of transmission of the COVID-19 virus to and within our community, MCWS leadership remains dedicated to working diligently to balance the multifaceted needs of our community with the constantly changing challenges presented by the pandemic. To fulfill our mission, on-campus learning is a priority. Our 75 acres of fields, forests, gardens, pollinator habitat and woodland trails will certainly be an asset for the return to school. MCWS outdoor classrooms will be ready for discovery and exploration. 

This year’s blueprint seeks to build off of everything we learned over the course of the last school year, as well as all of the available scientific and medical data that continues to be published about the current trajectory of the Covid-19 virus, its variants, and the methods available to protect against it. Continually updated, this year’s blueprint attempts to set forth in as thorough a manner as practicable, the sources, principles, policies, rules, and regulations that will guide MCWS through the 2021/22 school year. This living document shall be updated, if necessary, based on continually updated medical and scientific data, under the guidance of the Federal and State Centers for Disease Control, as well as Executive Orders by the Governor of the State of Maine.

Read our full plan below.