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Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff are the soul of our school: They give rhythm to our days, empower our students, and support each other’s practice. This committed group leads our lifelong learners by example through their personal qualities, open minds, varied interests, and a commitment to keeping learning fun.

Phoebe Blume, Director of Strings

James Bly, Assistant Caretaker & Bus Driver

Jennifer Charrette, School Nurse

Jeff Comeau, Grades Assistant

Heidi Davidson, Grade 7 Class Teacher

Angie Dierks, Literacy Support Specialist

Rebecca Dobrow, Admissions Assistant

Chloe Dowley, Early Childhood Lead Teacher/ Branch Chair

Ellie Duley, College Counselor

David Eichler, Pedagogical Director

Laura Emerson, Grades Assistant

Elizabeth Eschholz, Early Childhood Assistant

Lauren Farnsworth, High School STEM Teacher

Michael Fenderson, Early Childhood-Grade 8 French Teacher

Johanna Flath, High School Art Teacher

Jill Fox, Grade 4 Class Teacher

Jennifer Given, Grade 1 Assistant

André van de Putte, Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management

Kendra Gaarder, Grades/High School Health & Human Sexuality Teacher

Olivier Garrel, High School French Teacher

Anjolie Giraud, Early Childhood Assistant

Shaina Graff, High School Violin Teacher

Hanna Graham, Early Childhood Lead Teacher

Melissa Hoy, Business Office Manager

Helen-Ann Ireland, High School Branch Chair/HS Ed Support

Emily Jirsa, High School Counselor

Ananda Kaymen, Grades Handwork Teacher

Lauren Kerr, Grade 5 Class Teacher

Brian Kessler, Caretaker

Oliver Kinzer, Early Childhood/Grades German Teacher

Claire Kirby, Early Childhood Assistant

Emily Kurucz, Early Childhood Assistant

Joshua Lytle, High School Humanities/ College of Teachers

Mary Martin, Grades Substitute Teacher

Jennifer McLeod-Marenghi, Coordinator of Music Education

Cerridwen McQueen, Grade 6 Class Teacher

Roxanne Murphy, Early Childhood Assistant

Jeff O'Brien, High School Math, Ed Support

Jane Palizay, Literacy Support Specialist

Sharyn Peavey, High School Electives Teacher

Suzie Peirson, Grades Handwork Teacher

Wesley Post, Grades Woodworking Assistant

Caitlin Pow, Grade 2 Class Teacher/Branch Co-Chair

Marta Rackmales, Grades Math Support

John Reinhart, High School Humanities Teacher

Vanessa Romanoff, Grades Office Manager/Middle School Athletics Coordinator

John Saccone, Building Steward

Margaret Samuelson, Grade 8 Class Teacher

Cyrus Shahan, High School German Teacher/International Exchange Coordinator

Ezra Smith, Grades Woodworking Teacher/Branch Co-Chair

Susan Sonntag, High School Office Manager/High School Athletic Director

Clare Stansberry, Grade 3 Class Teacher

Katherine Stetson, Accompanist

Lynn Thurrell, Middle School Rescue Teacher

Molly Urich, Grades Educational Support

Sage Viets-Aughton, Early Childhood Assistant

Gwen Wahlquist, Grade 1 Class Teacher

Cory Waletzko, Movement Teacher

Samuel Wasko, High School STEM Teacher

Melissa Watson, Business Director

Alishia Wendtlandt, Early Childhood Assistant

Allyson West, Grades/Literacy Assistant

Lynn Wetterhorn, Early Childhood Lead Teacher

Julie Yeo, High School Art Teacher