About Maine Coast Waldorf School

Founded in 1984, Maine Coast Waldorf School serves some 295 students from early childhood through high school. Our campus in Freeport provides our students with beautifully designed buildings and acres of outdoor classrooms and woodland trails.

Maine Coast Waldorf School strives to promote social justice and is grateful for the presence and contributions of students, families, and faculty of diverse faiths, nationalities, and identities. We are committed to affirming people of all religions, spiritual values, countries of origin, immigration statuses, races, genders, abilities, identities, and sexual orientations. We endeavor to support a wide spectrum of learners whenever possible. MCWS is a multicultural, pluralistic community; we embrace diversity as a core strength of our community and seek to make our curriculum and policies as inclusive as possible. MCWS does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational programs, hiring, self-government, admissions, financial aid and all other school-related activities, and emphatically rejects discrimination in all its forms.

The healthy social life is found when, in the mirror of each human soul, the whole community finds its reflection, and when, in the community, the virtue of each one is living. - Rudolf Steiner

Our Mission

The mission of Maine Coast Waldorf School is to awaken the highest potential in every student by fostering clarity of thought, warmth of heart, and strength of resolve to make a difference in the world.

Girl writing at a desk in a middle school classroom at Maine Coast Waldorf School, with other students writing in the background.
Two kindergarteners playing dress up at the Maine Coast Waldorf School

Our Philosophy

We develop curious, confident, well-rounded students by engaging their hands, their hearts and their minds.

We measure our classrooms in acres rather than square feet so that our students appreciate the world around them.

We foster independent thinking, creative problem solving and a sense of social responsibility because we believe these are skills students need to be successful in life.

An education both timeless and timely.

Facilities / Locations

Our early childhood through grade 12 campus is located in Freeport. Explore Our Campus in Freeport>

Faculty and Staff

Our remarkable faculty and staff have a passion for teaching. Meet our Faculty and Staff >

Our Alumni

Explore the fascinating paths our students pursue in life after Maine Coast Waldorf School. Learn More About Our Alumni >