High School Students Thrive in Maine State Science Fair

On Saturday, a van full of scientists, namely Inga Yeo, Zoey Kent, Evan Porterfield, Dash Sattin, Will Barmby, Leah Muentener, Alec Benton, James Fowler, and Michael Willard,  arrived at Colby College and represented Maine Coast Waldorf School at the 76th annual Maine State Science Fair. 

Over the past four years, the school has sent one or two students each year. This year’s increase in interest stems largely from the fact that a third quarter elective was offered for students who wanted to focus on designing their own projects.

Armed with posters, neckties, and coffee cake muffins, they conquered their nerves and shared their work with judge after judge in a vast sea of 155 students.  Presentations full of enthusiasm, smiling eyes, and dramatic gestures were interspersed with cheering on each other and networking with the community of participants and sponsors.

Later that evening, in a live-streamed award ceremony,  Leah Muentener placed first in the Plant Sciences category, Will Barmby placed first in the Behavioral and Social Science category, James Fowler and Alec Benton each earned a $100 REACH award, Mike Willard earned a scholarship to WCCC, and Will Barmby  earned an award from the American Psychological Association.

Huge congrats to all of the participants!  We can’t wait to see what you do next year!