MCWS and Maine Solar Solutions Team Up

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Maine Solar Solutions which will benefit both our school and our environment. Starting today, anyone who is a part of the Maine Coast Waldorf community can take advantage of a new affiliate program, SunRaising for Maine Coast Waldorf School, which raises money for MCWS while incentivizing community members to make the switch to solar power.

The SunRaising program is simple: everytime anyone part of the MCWS community (this includes current staff, alumni, anyone who was ever enrolled in the school, including their parents, family members, and extended family members) uses Maine Solar Solutions to install a solar electric system at their home (or business) and owns the solar array, Maine Solar Solutions will donate $500 to the school. If your home isn’t suitable for on-site solar, Maine Solar Solutions partner Relay Power can help you “go solar” without any installation by tapping into a nearby community solar farm. It costs nothing to join, participants save about 15% on their CMP bill, and it’s a simple process. The school will receive a $100 donation for each community solar subscription.

Maine Solar Solutions, owned by MCWS parent Sam Zuckerman, has installed solar panels on our own campus. Our mission to foster an appreciation for the world around us and develop and a sense of social responsibility were key factors in our decision to install solar arrays on the roofs of the Handwork and High School buildings. The 33kW roof-mounted solar electric system, designed and installed by Maine Solar Solutions, is modeled to produce at least as much electricity as the building uses. 

“It’s exciting that we have been able to cut the school’s carbon footprint and now we can extend this opportunity to our MCWS community as well,” explained Zuckerman.

Electricity production is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, and we recognize that our choices make a difference. A simple yet meaningful way to support a transition to renewable energy is to go solar. MCWS community members that choose renewable, clean energy will not only help fight climate change and support local clean energy – they will also save on their electricity costs by participating.

To learn more about the program and schedule a free solar assessment, click here.