Visiting Teacher to Join MCWS Community in January

When we return to school after the December break (in 2022!), the junior class will have a guest teacher for the History Through Music block. We are delighted to know that Matthew Witherow, currently teaching at the Tara Performing Arts High School (the only Waldorf performing arts high school in North America), will be joining us here at Maine Coast from January 3- 28. Matt teaches history and music and also serves as assistant choir conductor at the school. Additionally he teaches music theory, handbells, History through Art, History through Music and Bible Literature. Here is what he writes in his biography sketch:
“A native of Louisiana, Matt Witherow has been teaching in Waldorf Schools since 2008. Mr. Witherow holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in music performance specializing in the piano. In 2016, he graduated from the Center for Anthroposophy with a certificate in History as taught in the Waldorf High School. Mr. Witherow currently resides in Longmont, Colorado and enjoys teaching at various schools such as Tara Performing Arts High School in Boulder, Colorado and the Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and he is excited to be a visiting teacher at the Maine Coast Waldorf School in January of 2022.”
One of the unique features of the Waldorf high school curriculum are the so called “aesthetic blocks,” History Through Art (Grade 9), History Through Language (taught at our high school as The Art of Poetry block and the Short Stories skills class) (Grade 10), History Through Music (Grade 11), and History Through Architecture (Grade 12). These courses are unique in that they both guide students through the unfolding history in each of those areas, but also help the students see how changes in art, language, music and architecture reveal changes in human consciousness over time.
We are excited to welcome Matthew Witherow to our community in January!