Alum Spotlight: Myah Garrison ’20

We are beyond excited to announce that Myah Garrison, MCWS ‘20 and current student at Bennington College, is a newly published author. Her debut book, Igor in Therapy, which was born the summer before her senior year at MCWS, is available for pre-order HERE! She also just learned that she has signed a five-book deal with her publisher! I had the honor to chat with Myah about her new book, how her Waldorf education influenced her writing, and what her plans are for her future. 

Q. Please tell us about your book, Igor in Therapy.

A. So the idea of Igor in Therapy was born the summer before my Senior year at MCWS. Mr. Reinhart invited me to a Sci-Fi poetry class at a nearby library and the in-class assignment was to write a 20-minute poem to share and discuss.  I chose to write a poem about Igor because I felt he was such a quintessential Sci-Fi character. I also just really liked the narrative, almost epic poetry aspect of his story. I kept writing the poem in little bits throughout the year and finished it as part of my Senior Project. Igor in Therapy is the story of Frankenstein, told through conversations between Igor and his therapist. 

Q What influenced you to write such a story?

A. When I was very young, my father got me hooked on Star Trek. Honestly, I spent WAY too much time on Star Trek but that’s where my love for Sci-Fi began. I love how Sci-Fi can be fun—like nothing but lots of explosions— or it can be a genre that makes people really think or consider things that they wouldn’t consider otherwise. For example, a story could contain political opinions and no one would really take too much offense because aliens are talking about it.  That’s how classic Sci-Fi really became a thing. When I got older, MCWS really fostered my love of writing. I have severe dyslexia yet, for the most part everyone at MCWS was willing to see my writing for the words instead of the spelling. Spelling is definitely important but so is everything else about writing. In high school I had Mr. Sloan and Ms. Woods for teachers.  They were both wonderful and instrumental in developing my style. 

Q. What are your future writing plans?

A. So during the pandemic I worked at a bra shop. The customers at that time didn’t really want to shop but rather just talk and have a moment away from their homes. Because this was such a strange and funny experience, I’m thinking of writing a collection about these conversations that would be humorous and probably a bit raunchy.  Also, during my gap year between high school and college I took an independent study through Bennington about Western fiction that involved writing a Western. About a month ago I sent it off to a publisher and now have a five book deal! The first book will be out in about a week then I have two years to write four more.  That’s exciting and terrifying at the same time!

Q. What advice would you give an aspiring writer?

A. There are a lot of good writers but many of them can’t finish things. You have to finish the story. The only way to do that is to really enjoy the act of writing. If you don’t actually enjoy writing, why do it? You have to love it. Also, you have to be rational about writing.  It’s great to be dreamy and romantic but you still have to give it the same attention as you would another subject like science. You have to look at what you write, realize what you need to do better, then do it. Also, submit all the time! The worst that will happen is that you’ll get a “no”.  Just delete that email like it never happened.  Every once in awhile someone will say yes.

To learn more about Myah’s book, Igor in Therapy, please visit Spuyten Duyvil Publishing.