Lynne Espy Announces Retirement

I have been privileged to be a part of this wonderful Maine Coast Waldorf School community for 30 years, the first 18 as a parent and volunteer, and the last 12 as the Development Director. With each year, I have gained a deeper appreciation for the benefits of this amazing education and the power of philanthropy. I have also appreciated being connected to this community where both adults and children are encouraged to find their highest potential, and collectively make the future brighter for many, not just a few.  

It is precisely because of my commitment to MCWS’s continued fundraising success that I informed the board ten months ago that January 1, 2022 would be the best time for me to retire and for the school to welcome a new Development Director.  While it will be hard to step away from this place that has sustained and inspired me personally and professionally in so many ways, I am eager to find more time to be physically active, go on fun excursions with family and friends, and explore my passions (chocolate being only one of many).

There is still much to be done before I retire in two months, including launching a robust annual fundraising campaign (2021-22 Maine Coast Waldorf Fund) which will help the next Development Director begin the new year with a strong start. In addition, Jen Pochurek, Chris Kasprak and I are reviewing and updating the school’s database, fundraising, and communications systems to help us effectively engage everyone in the community. Lastly, because trust and personal relationships are at the core of successful fundraising, I plan to help in any way requested (with my volunteer hat back on) to introduce the next Development Director to our wonderful and generous community who have, for over three decades, helped make the school what it is today. 

If you are curious about this job opening, have questions or ideas, or want to share it with someone whom you think might be a good fit, please contact anyone on the Board’s hiring committee: Frederick Veitch, Chris Kasprak, Jeannie Mattson, and Melissa Watson.

With gratitude, 

Lynne W. Espy