12th Grade Explores Hurricane Island

Last week, after starting the day with (negative) covid tests before setting out, an intrepid group of 12 seniors, two chaperones and one pair of crutches made their way to Hurricane Island, a small island 10 miles off the coast of Rockland in Penobscot Bay. Thanks to the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership, we explored the island and its tide pools, dissected adult scallops, learned about island history and scouted its terrain, cleaned spat bags (netted bags that stay in the ocean for many months, capturing scallop larvae and allowing them to grow) to recover baby scallops (to be returned to the ocean in scallop “houses” for continued growth and research), used stereoscopes to study plankton (including a wide variety of phytoplankton and zooplankton), drew much of all that we observed, constructed rafts, participated in an island/history scavenger hunt, sang songs around the campfire, and played more than a few boisterous games of Uno.

The Hurricane Island staff, always with a warm greeting and generous smile, kept us well fed, well educated and were helpful in more ways than we can note. The weather gods were also smiling upon us, gifting us with sun-kissed days and star-filled nights for our entire trip. This trip provided a healthy mix of exactly what one hopes for on a high school trip – new surroundings, education, cooperation, nature and fun!