Senior Releases Album on Spotify

After working for many months and taking advantage of the freedom his senior project afforded, Matinicus Neveu’s album “Echoes of Life” has been released on Spotify! Neveu tackled all aspects of producing an album: he independently composed and recorded all of the instrumentals and vocals and also recorded, mixed, and mastered all nine songs.

“This was a project really focused on doing everything myself,” Neveu explained at his senior project presentation, though he is quick to thank his mentors Jenny Van West and Noel Stoddard. With some past production experience, some parts of his project were familiar, but certain aspects proved new and challenging. “I really hadn’t written songs in the past—that was a completely new thing to me.” Neveu had to teach himself the basics of music theory, about keys, and ways to develop pre-choruses and choruses.

Matinicus describes the album as influenced by singer/songwriter folk music, as well as some indie-pop style influence as well. Be sure to give it a listen on Spotify!

Learn more about the process by watching Matinicus’ Senior Project presentation.