Eighth Grade Performs “The Miracle Worker”

As the title of the play infers, it is a small “miracle” when after weeks of struggling to learn lines, remember cues, sort out props and costume changes, that a picture finally emerges with fully embodied characters, and we can call it a play. It was certainly true for the eighth graders last Thursday when they finally performed “The Miracle Worker.”

Suddenly the Keller family appeared in all of their heartache and the story of Annie Sullivan’s struggle to teach Helen Keller that the world was just a word away came alive. The performance of each individual cast member sparkled with earnest effort while the collaborative working of the entire class belied a maturity that reached beyond their years. Thanks to you, eighth grade, for a most memorable experience.

Thanks also to the many people who helped this production come to life: to Molly Heron and Meg McLaughlin for “dressing” the set with props and furniture, to Meg Thurrell for helping to construct the set out of the many pieces carried from the barn by willing colleagues, to Julie Yeo for painting while still on crutches, to Maxime Rumiel for braving the mysteries of a new sound system while also running and teaching the running of lights, to Brian Kessler for a ladder, of course.

See more photos of the performance here.