Middle School Organizes Donation Drive for Maine Needs

The middle school student council is looking beyond life at school and finding a way to make a difference in the local community. That’s why they’ve organized a donation drive for Maine Needs, a grassroots, non-profit organization run by volunteers who work to help families and individuals across the state meet basic needs. 

The overarching goal of the Middle School Student Council, which only started last year, is to focus on ways to make a difference for fellow classmates. Last year they worked to organize a dance, discuss the dress code at school, and work with the High School on a number of climate initiatives. This year, when a student whose mother volunteers with Maine Needs proposed a donation drive, it seemed like a perfect fit for the broader goal of the Student Council.

“The idea is to look at the community inside and outside of school, ” explains Lower School Counselor Jill Hymers, who oversees the group. She added that students have gained an important awareness “outside of our own community and the level of need that’s out there.”

Once given the go-ahead to organize, the middle school students went straight into action. A few students have designed fliers that have been sent home to parents and are posted in each classroom around school. Others have practiced their public speaking skills by going around to different classes and age-groups at the school to talk about the organization and solicit donations. Another group checks donation boxes every morning and afternoon to organize everything that’s coming in.

It’s been a strong learning experience as students develop skills around problem solving, planning, working as a group, and following through on a complex project.

The school is still accepting donations until next Thursday, April 8th. You can find a detailed list of each kit in this letter to the community from the Middle School Student Council.