MCWS Receives Grant for New Beehive

Great News! MCWS has received a grant from Whole Kids Foundation to purchase a Swing View Observation Beehive. This is a beehive that is located inside the main entryway of the Community Hall. But not to worry – bees cannot get into the building through this observation hive. The bees enter and exit at the top of the hive via a narrow tube from outside; when they’re outside they will feed on the same native and planted pollinators that our existing bees use – in our fields, on the playground, along the driveway edges, and in our extensive gardens spread across the campus. In 2019 we harvested 100 lbs of honey from our beehives, while the bees helped pollinate our plants and educate our students.

The advantage of this beehive is that it is mounted on the interior wall and swings 180 degrees so you can safely observe  the bees at close range from both sides, making it enjoyable for even the most bee-timid. In addition, the main entryway is a highly trafficked and accessible location, enabling the entire community to learn about the amazing work of the queen bee, drones and worker bees.

Students will continue to visit the outside beehives under the able guidance of Brian Kessler, our beekeeper, using the bee veils and other safety equipment purchased with an earlier  Whole Kids Foundation grant. The Verbena Fund is also providing funding for this beehive; the FFF Cmt is very grateful for all of this support.

We will provide updates after the new beehive is installed, later this spring or summer. 

From the Farm, Field and Forest Committee: Contact Brian Kessler or Lynne Espy with questions.