Celebrating the Winter Spiral at Home

December at Maine Coast Waldorf School is marked by the Winter Spiral, often held in late afternoon or in the early evening. Since we are not able to gather as a community for our traditional Winter Spiral, we invite you to make one at home to create a mood of wonder and quiet anticipation.

Lay out a spiral path of evergreen boughs, sometimes adorned with rocks plants and flowers in a dark space – inside or outside. Please feel free to be creative and include winter berries, moss, branches or other treasure’s from nature for your spiral. Place a large lit candle in the center of the spiral, which will provide the only light. In silence, each person, holding an apple with a small unlit candle inserted in the center, slowly walks along the spiral path and lights the candle from the center light. On the return journey, each person selects a spot along the spiral to place their candle, adding their light to create an ever-increasing light brought to each person walking the spiral.

Almost every culture of the northern hemisphere celebrates light at a time when the days become shorter and the nights become longer with festivals such as Advent and Christmas, the Roman celebration of Saturnalia, Chanukah (the Hebrew celebration of the rededication of the Temple), the Hindu festival of Diwali, the Druid celebration of the winter solstice, and the Persian festival of Yalda.The mid-winter holidays celebrate light during the longest nights of the year and the anticipation of the time when winter’s darkness will draw to a close with the renewed promise that spring will arrive.


We would also like to invite you to view this video which offers a holiday greeting from the Festivals Committee. Below you will find the verse from the Calendar of the Soul that accompanies the video:

To carry Spirit-light into world’s winter-night
Is now the blissful impulse of my heart,
That, shining, seeds of soul
Take root in grounds of World-winter
And Word Divine in senses’ gloom resound,
Transfiguring, through all that is.