Original Thoughts from the Senior Class

For the past two weeks, the seniors have been exploring authors chiefly responsible for awakening the literary genius of nineteenth century America, with emphasis on Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.  Each writer exhorted people to find their own voices, to rely upon their own individual genius.  In the spirit of this celebration of the self, Nancy Goldberg and I asked students to write an “original sentence,” that is, some thought that they believed had never been expressed in quite the same words that they chose.  Below you will find the fruits of their efforts.


“Original thoughts are like bugs; if you look closely, you’ll find them everywhere.”

-Finn Veerkamp


“Your love for someone is formed by their actions which you witness.” 

-Natasha Martin


“How can one live in the present if that moment is already a memory?”

-Sophie-Roberts Fishman

“A life devoid of purpose or meaning is not necessarily one without value.”

-Baxter Van West

“If you cease challenging or questioning those you are most comfortable or casual with, it is good for no one.”

-Mamie Whittier


“It is selfish not to share a beautiful thought.”

-Sophia Caron


“Everyday thoughts are tethered to time.”

-Owen Stefanakos


“Two blades of grass, when compared, are infinitely different, but when five million blades are added they become synonymous.”

-Aidan Stark-Chessa


“When in doubt, always reach out. ”

-Olivia Reynolds


“A car without bumper stickers is like a face without freckles.”      

-Evelyn Lukis


“What if who we are is not a result of our reactions to the world around us, but rather a result of the reactions of the world to us?”

-Grace Kessler


“When you observe the world, notice light and color first.  Before you examine something in its entirety, you must be able to see the way it fits together.”

-Pearl Saperstein

“It is a shame to withhold an idea; too many beautiful thoughts die with the thinker because they are never shared.”

-Kai Myers


“John Deere is mother nature’s barber.”

-Satchel Kaplan


‘The banana that wishes to be purple will have to forget its yellowness.”

-Clara Bossi


“Boats are made to sink.”

-Matinicus Neveu


“A relationship is like sourdough starter; it either lasts forever or fails miserably because it is not cared for properly.”

-Kira Salter-Gurau


“The worst decision I have ever made was letting the world take a bite out of me and not noticing the pain until I saw the wound that I’m still waiting to heal.”

-Billy Karugira


“Religion is the pity of Santa Claus.”

-Aidan Clay


“Before you act, consider the moment you will create, and think of who you wish to be.”

Carly Blackburn