MaineFlavor Reopening Protocols

My name is Susan Purcell and I’m the founder and co-owner of MaineFlavor, LLC.  Andrew Applegate (aka Bond) is MaineFlavor’s baker and other co-owner.  We operate our gourmet ice cream company from the commercial kitchen in the MCWS Community Hall, and we’re preparing to re-open our organic bakery café on Tuesday, September 8 — with the following special arrangements:

  1. Smooth operation of the designated drop-off and pick-up choreography matters above all else.  If the parking lot snarls, we’ve failed and cafe operations will likely have to be canceled.

  2. Use prepaid accounts and pre-orders to speed everyone’s path in the front door (sanitize hands), through the cafe pick-up zone, and immediately out the side door. Minimize the moments spent inside.  Please refrain from stoping to chat and maintain the marked distance between individuals.  If the line clumps together, we’ve failed and cafe operations will likely have to be canceled.

  3.  Your order will be waiting in a bag with your name on it.  Just pick it up and keep moving, please.

  4. IF we have any extra baked goods (beyond what was pre-ordered), they’ll be bagged & available on the small tables near the exit door.  We’ll provide a paper with a corresponding line for each extra item  Folks with a prepaid account may simply write their name legibly on the line(s) corresponding to whatever they take on purely a first-come basis.  We will deduct the appropriate amount(s) from the prepaid account(s) of whomever signs out the food.

  5. While it will be possible to sign for coffee and/or Rosie tea, we will be better able to make the correct amounts available— and avoid stalled pick-up queues—if these drinks are also pre-ordered online.  It’s unfair for folks who don’t pre-order to empty the airpots before those who pre-ordered arrive at the pot.   And it takes five minutes (that this system cannot afford) to replenish the airpots.  Please try to anticipate what you’ll want and when you’ll want it.
  6. Parents of EC and lower school children who pick up in the first wave may park and pick-up ONLY between 2:30 – 2:45.  They need to follow mask, sanitizing, and distancing protocols, and they need to follow the one-way, quick-exit traffic flow, MAKING SURE TO BE BACK BEHIND THE WHEEL ON TIME TO PICK UP THEIR CHILDREN.

  7.  Ice cream sandwiches (and soon, to-go pints also) will be available from the MaineFlavor ice cream cart for end-of-the-day pickup only.  Parents of younger students should pick-up early as described above.  Older students should pick up their own orders efficiently after dismissal, then head for their rides.  We need to keep this pre-ordered  and quick. Please make decisions at home, and purchase based on the quantities available when you pre-order.
  8. Transactions will happen behind the scenes, using prepaid accounts. Anyone is welcome to establish an account by submitting a payment of $25 or more to Maine Flavor. We accept payment through Venmo  (@SP-MaineFlavor), Paypal (PayPal.Me/SUSANPURCELL), cash, or check.