There’s No Stemming the Tide of Waldorf STEM Winners at the Maine State Science Fair

The Maine State Science Fair took place online last Saturday, March 28th, and three students from the eleventh grade competed. Lauren Eichler and Grace Kessler were finalists in the category of Behavioral Science with their project  “A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of the Lunar Cycle on Mental Health.” Aniela Holtrop was a finalist in the category of Computer Science with her project “Creating a Mini-Robot that Integrates Capacitive Sensing using a Microcontroller Programmed with Arduino Software.”

In addition to being in the top eight of their categories, Grace earned a full tuition, 4 year scholarship with admission to the honors college of the University of Maine, Orono and Aniela earned a four year $20k scholarship to the College of the Atlantic.

Congratulations Waldorf Scientists!