A Third MCWS Student Wins Plunkett Poetry Honors!

We recently heard the news that junior Miles Winslow finished third in the in the state-wide Plunkett Poetry Festival, organized by the University of Maine at Augusta. That makes it a clean sweep for Maine Coast with Myah Garrison, Aniela Holtrop and Miles Winslow winning first, second, and third respectively.

Congratulations, Miles!

We have included Miles’ poem below:

~ Arcane Arcade
By Miles Winslow

They asked a glimpse into my tsunami
Then I did display, but create origami

So, were they impressed?
I’d organized the dots, blocks and spots
To forget what was right and what wrong.
The showing got boxed by the concept of clocks.
Years ago and again put down and around on the mold.

This blue orb is where all awe and applaud
Stacking itself atop the collage
They are without its meaningful,
Like where it spent its days before placement on my page, the spirit.
Beauty in nowhere, and all things. Do you like…

They have tilted their gaze now?

Now leave me be,
As I must unfold the sayings of my soul.