MCWS Adds Two Waldorf Chronicles to Storycorps Archive

The Waldorf Chronicles are a Waldorf100 archival project that involves recording the stories of Waldorf teachers, staff, parents, students, and/or communities and adding them to the StoryCorps Archive. Through this project the histories of Waldorf schools around the continent will be preserved for future generations.

To date, Maine Coast Waldorf School has recorded and shared two Waldorf Chronicles on the StoryCorps site.

You can listen to Early Childhood teacher Jess Moore speak about Early Childhood Education at Maine Coast Waldorf School here:

High School Humanities teacher David Sloan speaks about co-founding Maine Coast Waldorf School’s High School here.

Many thanks to Jess More and David Sloan for their contributions to this project and to Maxime Rumiel for his recording and editing skills.