Get on Board & Spread the Word – VIP Bus Service Continues in 2018-19!

We have completed our second year of riding the VIP bus. The last day of bus service was Friday, June 8 and this was morning service only.  Thank you to all bus families for your participation, your enthusiasm and for all the earth’s resources you are saving.

VIP Tour and Charter Bus Company in Portland and MCWS are working together  to provide daily round trip bus service from Cape Elizabeth, South Portland, Portland, Falmouth and then on to Freeport.  Much valuable work is taking place due to the tireless efforts of our volunteer coordinator, Mary Bloch as well as the members of the transportation committee Christine Byrne, Steve Whittier and Sarah Pike. Thank you, Mary, and all of you for your commitment to this important project!

Here is where the program currently stands:

  • MCWS is committed to providing bus service and the infrastructure to keep the program in place.  This includes having teachers ready to greet the bus in the morning and afternoon, billing/payment services between families and VIP, and some funding for the program and.
  • VIP is continuing its partnership with the school.  Their level of professionalism and commitment to our children give us the confidence to continue the program.
  • The transportation committee is working on ways to inform families of the benefits in taking the bus. A bus brochure is in progress to describe the many benefits and savings.
  • The programs with both Friends School of Portland and L’Ecole Francaise du Maine this current year were successful, and families are interested in using the service for the upcoming school year.
  • Maine Breeze is working with our school and with Maine DOT to provide an option for students from the north of Freeport.  We are hoping to have a pilot program available sometime in September.

As you can see, we have made much progress.  Thank you for all you have done to make this program successful.

Rates for school year 2018-19 are as follows.
Full Year 5-Day Round trip   $2,400
Full Year 5-Day One Way     $1,550
Daily Round Trip   $16
Daily One way      $10

To keep these rates consistent, you can help in the following ways.

  • Please sign up for bus service.  Contact the Business office for a bus contract today.
  • Help spread the word and let your neighbors and friends know about this wonderful service, especially if they are located south of Freeport.

If you have questions please call MCWS Business Office 865-3900 at extension 101 or extension 151. We would love to discuss the bus program in more detail.