The Commencement Ceremony Honoring the Class of 2018

The Commencement Ceremony at Maine Coast Waldorf School is unique. Each senior gets to put their personal stamp on the proceedings. To begin the event, each student enters onto the stage to live music of their own choosing and every year we all look forward with delight to listening to how their choices will represent them.

Following a brief welcome from Pedagogical Director David Eichler, each senior was introduced by a faculty member – Louise Ahearne by David Sloan, Maria Barton by David Barham, Rodrigo Estevez by Regine Whittlesey, Sarah Grill by Karyn Kurland, Eli gundersen by Johanna Flath, Sylvia Holland by Ellen Labbe, Nick Neveu by Chris Lee, and Olivia Skillings by Susan Sonntag. Every one of the eight faculty introductions reflected the unique character of the student being introduced.

After their introduction, each senior spoke about a variety of meaningful experiences from their years at the school – of a valuable sense of community, of being seen and appreciated as a unique individual, of heartfelt gratitude and deep connections made through a span of as many as 15 years, or in just a few short ones, and so much more.

Sara Gideon

This year’s graduation speaker was Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives Sara Gideon whose keynote address we hope to share with you soon. Diplomas were presented by Jeff O’Brien, Faculty Chair of the High School, Michael Fenderson, Chair of the College of Teachers, and Susan Stark, President of the Board of Trustees.

Other highlights from the ceremony included the full Faculty singing “Amani Utupe,” and the High School Chorus (including the rising 9th graders) singing “Unwritten.” The graduates ended the program singing “Catch and Release” by Matt Simmons .

Fresh from the success of their class play, “LOVE/SICK” and their senior class service trip to Puerto Rico, the Class of 2018 charmed the audience at Maine Coast Waldorf School’s 9th high school graduation with their depth, humor, wit and gratitude for the many fruits of their Waldorf education.