Mighty are the Preparations: Producing the 2018 Senior Class Play, John Cariani’s LOVE/SICK

From the high school, we trek across the street to the theater – that sacred space where imagination comes to life. But the rehearsal period is a joyful, chaotic buzz where everything, from learning lines, cues and blocking to paying royalties, producing posters and playbills, building and painting sets, making props and costumes and dealing with lights and sound, takes place- sometimes all at once!

Take this past Tuesday, for instance. School parent and photographer Kevin Morris has set up his equipment and as soon as the seniors enter the hall, they begin having their professional quality head shots taken – just like the cast of Hamilton! Posing and camping, the students are having a blast. Across the room, music teacher Nancy Roderick works with Nick Neveu on his song, “No Lie,” for one of the scenes. They huddle around the piano learning the song’s intricacies. Back to Kevin, where Rodrigo Cortez Estevez, in a suit with a tie wrapped around his head like a blindfold, and Sylvia Holland, lovely in a wedding dress but with toilet paper wrapped around her eyes, pose for hundreds of variations of what will become the image for the play’s poster. Zoe Konstantino and I work on the computer to get the music cues all set up. In another corner art teacher Julie Yeo and a few of the seniors saw and hammer away on a door and door frame for the set. Eventually, I will get a few seniors on the stage to actually rehearse a scene . . .

Just another day in the theater!


You can see LOVE/SICK presented by the Class of 2018 on Wednesday & Thursday, May 30 & 31 at 7:00 pm and on Tuesday, May 29 at 1:00 pm in the Community Hall, 57 Desert Road, Freeport. $5 donation at the door. Refreshments will be offered for sale during the evening performances when the doors open at 6:30.