Grandparents Day is one of our favorite celebrations!

Tomorrow, Friday, May 11, we will be celebrating Grandparents Day and May Faire as a combined event. Grandparents Day will begin at 10:00 and the May Faire at 12:00.

Who is coming? We anticipate over 150 grandparents (plus a good number of parents) will attend Grandparents Day. They are warmly invited to stay for as much of the May Faire as they wish.

Event Schedule and Location: Grandparents Day will be in the Community Hall. The grandparent reception will begin at 10:00, and student performances (grades 2-12) begin at 10:30. The May Faire begins immediately after, around 12:00, with a bagpipe procession, followed by May Pole and Sword Dances on the Upper Field. Following the dances, around 1:00 pm, we will have lunch on the Center Green (between the grades buildings).

Lunch for Parents and Grandparents: Parents and grandparents can purchase lunch, using cash or check. Grades 5-8 will proudly make and serve a delectable lunch; proceeds benefit their class trip funds.

Lunch for Students: For students in grades 1-12, families have a choice: on Friday, they can send their child with $10 cash to cover the barbecue lunch OR send them with a bagged lunch. The barbecue lunch offerings include sausage, hot dog or veggie dog, a savory, a drink and a dessert. Early childhood students will be with their families or, if they stay for the afternoon program, with their teachers.

Attire: Students should dress up in festive clothing for the May Faire. Every student should also wear appropriate outdoor clothing to suit the weather.

Rain Date: In the case of torrential rain, Grandparents Day continues as planned but the May Faire will be canceled. If the May Faire is canceled it will be posted on our website:

Student Responsibilities at the May Faire: Students in Grades 5-12 have specific responsibilities for their fundraisers at the May Faire. Additionally, we ask parents and students in all grades to help ensure that grandparents receive special care and respect during the day.

Supervision during the May Faire:
Grades 5-8: Students will stay with their class until 3 pm dismissal. Parents attending the May Faire are asked to join the class and help support the teachers in supervising students.
Grades 1-4:

  • Directly after dancing, around 1:00, students in Grades 1- 4, who have a parent or grandparent present, will be dismissed to the care of their family to enjoy the May Faire together.
  • If a family member is not in attendance, students in Grades 1-4 will remain at the May Faire with their teachers until 3pm dismissal.

If you are planning to attend the May Faire, please let your child’s class teacher know so they can plan accordingly. As it is on a Friday this year, and not all parents will be able to attend, the teachers would be grateful for any additional help supervising the younger students.

Combining two events into one day presents challenges and opportunities – thank you for lending a hand wherever possible to make this day a success for all ages.

From the Grandparents Day/May Faire Team