Permaculture Workshop: Building a Food Forest – This Saturday, May 12, 9am – 2pm

An outside, hands-on workshop for all ages, installing MCWS’s first food forest, led by the Resilience Hub. At this workshop we will be using permaculture techniques including sheet-mulching, plant guilds, and a living willow fence. We will create a magical, multi-storied food forest with trees, shrubs, vines and plants that are edible or can be used for other purposes like medicines, dyes, basketry, or as bee pollinators. Click here for a schedule of the day and what to bring in terms of food, clothing and gardening tools. Morning snacks and coffee will be provided, but please bring a potluck dish to share for lunch as well as a potluck “kit” (plate or bowl, mug, utensils, water bottle).
Questions? Contact Lynne Espy, [email protected]