Forest Friday Friends

Through the woods, the early childhood children hear the crunching of twigs and the rustling of leaves. Suddenly up the pathway, they appear! To the delight of the children, the 11th graders have come to the woods to play with them on Forest Friday. Almost immediately, they disperse to build fairy houses and find sleepy salamanders waking up from their long winter’s rest. A group of robust 11th graders begin gathering fallen branches and start building a fort. Before long, almost all of the children are involved in the construction – hauling limbs, raking leaves and piling them high. Amidst the hard work, the children try out the fort and find it is just the right size. Hurray! “Come and see,” the children call to their teachers, “Come to our new house in the woods!” The children huddle inside with their 11th grade friends to enjoy the fruits of their labors.