Why We Spring for Waldorf

For 33 years, hundreds of people who have been a part of the fabric of this Waldorf school community have devoted their time, creativity, and resources to not only make it possible for their own children and grandchildren to attend this school, but also to ensure enrollment of families who otherwise could not afford to be here. ‘Cultivating a diverse and inclusive community’ is a key value included in our Mission Statement. There are many ways the school commits its resources to achieving this goal, but none are as fun as SPRING FOR WALDORF – this year’s fundraiser for tiered tuition.

SPRING FOR WALDORF offers us more than a reason to dance or have a great time. It is an evening for us to come together as an investment in one another and to this school community.   At SPRING FOR WALDORF, we give so that Waldorf education can be had by all who seek it.  We give so that our community may have the breadth and depth of socioeconomic, cultural, and experiential diversity that we want in the world around us.   Through the spirit of giving, we strengthen our relationship to one another in embracing both our similarities and our unique differences.  What makes SPRING FOR WALDORF appealing and fitting is the imagery of our community leaping into a brighter future that is defined by inclusivity, generosity and beauty.

SPRING FOR WALDORF is more than an event – it’s an opportunity to focus our love, our hopes, and our spirit of inclusiveness on those around us.  SPRING FOR WALDORF supports tiered tuition and all the families who make our school truly the place we want and need it to be for now and for our future.