High School Sophomores Place 2nd & 3rd in Maine Junior Duck Stamp Contest

Two Maine Coast Waldorf School sophomores, Magnolia Sinisi and Emma Tiemen, placed second and third, respectively in Group IV (grades 10-12) of the State of Maine Junior Duck Stamp Contest. Each of the students created an original image of a particular species of waterfowl in oil pastel for this national art competition.

The Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest is the culmination of the Junior Duck Stamp educational program. After studying waterfowl anatomy and habitat, students may express their newfound knowledge by drawing, painting or sketching a picture of an eligible North American waterfowl species. You can learn more about the contest here:

Both drawings are included below. Maggie’s pastel is the reddish duck with the sunset and Emma’s is the wading duck in blue water. Their art will be on display at L.L. Bean in Freeport.

Congratulations to Magnolia and Emma!