Alum Speaks on Restorative Learning and Life after Waldorf

Maine Coast Waldorf School alum Page Nichols (8th grade class of 2002) was the high school forum speaker on Wednesday, March 7th. Page is the Restorative Learning Specialist at the Brunswick REAL School. She works with students, teachers, counselors, and parents to provide educational, restorative consequences for inappropriate school behavior. This restorative approach replaces the more traditional, punitive approach to school discipline. Through its use, Page helps students recognize the impact that their actions have on their community and she supports them in taking responsibility for their deeds. She then collaborates with them to find creative ways to repair whatever harm has been done. The forum was attended by students from grades seven through twelve, many of whom asked lively questions about Page’s work and the impact her time at Maine Coast Waldorf School has had on her life. It was inspiring to hear Page speak about her very meaningful work. Her enthusiasm was infectious and her talk was much appreciated by all. Thank you, Page!