Looking for a Maine Coast Waldorf School Intern?

Since the inception of the high school, each spring Maine Coast seniors spend several weeks pursuing an internship. These exciting opportunities for on-the-job experiences give young people a sense of the workplace and a chance to explore possible life paths. In the past students relied largely upon their own contacts to find suitable possibilities. This year, we would like to supplement the seniors’ search for internships by asking any of you community members if you know of any opportunities you may have at your workplace, or have suggestions for other possible work options.

Here are the parameters of the internship: We’re asking seniors to find an appropriate internship over a four-week period, from April 2 to May 4 (two weeks before and two weeks after Spring Break). The internship would involve a total of 90-120 hours of work (roughly five-to-six hours per day), during school time, five days a week, in a clearly defined work environment under the tutelage of a mentor/supervisor who is also working there.

Several other considerations should be kept in mind for the internship:

  • This must be a work situation that parents and faculty agree will provide a meaningful experience.
  • The student will be writing a daily journal, including several photos, detailing his or her experiences and the journal will be submitted to a designated faculty mentor at the end of the internship.
  • The final due date for internship proposal submissions is March 9, 2018, so that they can be promptly considered by the faculty. Because of this impending deadline, please contact either David Sloan ([email protected]) or Johanna Flath ([email protected]) as soon as possible if you are interested in having a Maine Coast student intern at your workplace this spring, or if you know of other such possibilities.