Moving into the New Cafe

On the first day back from winter break the new cafe was warmly inaugurated at lunchtime by 50 high school students (and homemade cookies).  This fall, high school students have been bringing their lunches, and have had the option to purchase food three days a week (pizza and soup provided by middle school classes, and Li’s Chinese).

The commercial kitchen construction is nearly completed, and we’re waiting for a few items to be delivered. We have initiated the 1 to 2 month long process with the State of Maine to receive the required certification. During the next few months, we have much work to do:  determine what kind of food service is desired and feasible,  establish schedules, training protocols and use guidelines for the kitchen, and put in place the legal and financial contractual requirements that will enable us to use the kitchen for  1) a food service program, 2) a culinary teaching space for teachers and students, 3)  a place to make and serve food during school and class events and fundraisers, and 4) enable rentals to outside groups during off-season or after-school times.

An ad hoc “kitchen committee” begins work this week to evaluate the demand for lunches, determine how best to offer a food service program, and how to schedule the kitchen space. We will provide regular updates in the Tuesday News. The kitchen Committee includes: Michele Burkey, Ann Coltman, Lynne Espy, Kari Guddeck, Oliver Kinzer, Ray Kusche, Lisa Mainella, Caroline Norden, Christine Sloan, Regine Whittlesey, Carol Will and a rep from the Parent Association.