There is a 2 hour delay this morning, January 5th

It looks like this blizzard is over and we are able to welcome the students to school today. The volume of snow – coupled with the winds and snow drifts – is requiring us to allow extra time for the school (and, presumably, a number of you) to be plowed. As such, we will begin this morning with a 2-hour delay*.
The winds are forecast to be in the double-digits and the wind-chill will make it feel around -10. Please make certain your child(ren) are appropriately prepared for the day’s weather.
*A 2-hour delay means: Grades 1 – 12: First bell will ring at 10:00, Main lesson will begin at 10:10. Early Childhood: For children enrolled only in the morning program, school is cancelled. Children who are enrolled in the morning and afternoon may arrive between 10:00 and 10:30. There will be no morning snack and children should be dressed with appropriate outerwear.