Original “Nuggets” from the Class of 2018

For the past two weeks, the seniors have been exploring authors chiefly responsible for awakening the literary genius of nineteenth century America, with emphasis on Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. Each writer exhorted people to find their own voices, to rely upon their own individual genius. In the spirit of this celebration of the self, I asked students to write an “original sentence,” that is, some thought that they believed had never been expressed in quite the same words that they chose. Below you will find the fruits of their efforts.

It’s easy to plagiarize from social media and conversations. If you can’t think your own thought, try acting; you can be somebody else. Maria Barton

College hunting is like apple picking: an apple may look perfect at first glance, but you’ve got to look under the shiny skin to see if it’s rotten. Sylvia Holland

When your phone falls, you freak out, but when your friend falls, you laugh! Louise Ahearne

Healthy freedom is achieved when the human being disassembles all chains which limit him without harming his cellmate—humanity—or waking the fury of his jailer—society. Rodrigo Cortes-Estevez

Often times the best things are simple and old-fashioned. Nick Neveu

The individual is a social construct. Eli Gundersen

When your dog licks you, it’s considered a form of affection, but when your friend licks you, it’s considered a form of insanity. Sarah Grill

If you are constantly setting unreasonably high expectations for yourself, then all you’re really doing is setting yourself up for disappointment. Olivia Skillings