High School Building Dedication

On Friday evening, October, 20th,  several hundred people gathered for the High School Building Dedication and celebration of the completion of the main offices and educational support center.  It was a night filled with beauty, humor and gratitude for the stunning buildings and the wonderful people who made this all possible through gifts of time, talent and money.
We were treated to delightful  remarks by Douglas Gerwin, a longtime friend and consultant to our high school; David Sloan, our founding high school teacher; and Joe Newlin (Class of 2014). Tay Veitch and Lisa Lukis, our One Campaign Co-Chairs, voiced our deep gratitude for both the professionals and the volunteers who, together, made this project a successful collaboration that we can all be immensely proud of.  The high school chorus, directed by Nancy Roderick and accompanied by Katy Stetson, concluded the program with a beautiful song “We won’t stop dreaming”. Thanks also to Maxime Rumiel (’17) for videotaping the presentation.

Highest accolades go to Tay Veitch (Campaign Co-Chair) for brilliantly envisioning and emceeing the event, to Lisa Lukis (Campaign Co-Chair) for her creative and planning acumen, Dana Anderson, Victoria Stefanakos and Melisa Walker for their amazing hosting skills; Masey Kaplan for volunteering to design all of the 10/20 event materials; Johanna Flath for her photographic services; Sarah Pierce for her behind the scenes help, and the 11th grade students for making beautiful gifts.

Over 50 people were invited up on stage to be acknowledged for their role in the planning and building phases, and special acknowledgements were made to Ben Pearson, Amy Eshoo, Tay Veitch and Lisa Lukis for their pivotal roles in leading the design and campaign teams.  What I wanted to say, had I not been overwhelmed by the expressions of gratitude, is that the spotlight should have then been turned toward the audience, as well as others who couldn’t be with us that night, because it is widely acknowledged that it took the entire community’s generous support and hard work to make this dream come true.  Congratulations – we did it!

Group photo by Arthur Fink Photography