Early Childhood Celebrates Michaelmas Festival

“Michaelmas is symbolic, ancient tradition celebrated in autumn. As the days grow shorter and the sun wanes, human beings often feel called to sleepiness. The strength of our will seems sapped, and we feel pulled towards complacency. To conquer this lethargic “dragon,” we must look inward to find strength and an “inner light” to guide us through the darkness of winter. We cannot sleep like many of the plants underground or hibernate like some of the animals. We have work to do, we must awake!” – The Waldorf School of Atlanta

The Early Childhood teachers, families and friends gathered together last Saturday for their 4th Annual Michaelmas Gardening Morning. They woke their forces of will and together they picked apples, pressed cider, weeded and harvested from the garden beds. The group made light work of these projects and the spirit of hard work and friendships now fills the play yards. At the end of the morning they toasted their efforts with the fruits of their labor – fresh, sweet apple cider.

Thank you to all who helped conquer the “dragon.” May we find courage to meet the darkening days ahead together.