Thank You Green-Up Day Volunteers!

At our third annual Green-Up Day on August 31, over 60 MCWS friends helped “green-up” the campus before the start of school. Under the guidance of 3 staff from The Resilience Hub (Lisa Fernandes, Heather Foran and Shana Hostetter), as well as Brian Kessler, Lynn Wetterhorn and Michael Fenderson, we made new friends, accomplished a tremendous amount, and learned some new permaculture (sustainable gardening) techniques.

Thank you to all the families who stopped by to help. It was a wonderful gift to the entire community and we are deeply grateful!

Check out their handiwork:
• the herb garden tucked between the boulders in the “Kitchen Garden” located behind the Handcraft Building
• The wattle fence in the lower grades woods play area is now a complete circle, protecting the sensitive plants from trampling feet.
• The new parking lot islands were planted with edible and native trees, bushes and plants that will provide a green front to the paved parking lot, and also provide food for birds and bees.
• The chicken coop weeds were cut back, so the chickens can roam free.