Porch to Shed Project

Last Saturday, 22 of the MCWS “Dads Group” brought their pry bars, hammers, chainsaws and trucks and helped demolish the porch of a restaurant in Freeport. They moved the lumber to MCWS and will soon use it to build two Nordic sheds for our middle school and high school teams. In addition to having a lot of fun doing demolition, it was wonderful to witness the “Dad-bonding” – there were alumni dads, current dads, and dads brand new to the school. No project is too ambitious for this group!

A special thank you to Adrian Bossi, our fearless Hawaiian shorts-chainsaw wielding leader, Michael Stefanakos, the Pied Piper of the MCWS Dads Group, George Cabot for bringing his huge trailer and excellent backing skills, and Bill Yeo who helped make this project with LL Bean possible.