From the Pedagogical Director

At the beginning of each week the faculty receive an email outlining points of interest for the upcoming week. In my first of these emails to the faculty, sent out just last night, I shared with them the interesting fact that the average person makes eight mistakes a day. Always considering myself above average, mine is closer to 12. During my time on the stage for the Wildflower ceremony I was blessed to have been able to begin the day by front loading a good percentage of my daily mistakes – it made for a smoother rest of the day. Please take note of the following:

  • Brianna Biel-Goebel was inadvertently left out of the introduction of our employees in new positions. She will be assisting in the Grade 1 Handwork classes and will be assisting Mr. Saccone in numerous Movement classes.
  • I introduced one of our assistants in the Early-Childhood afternoon program using a first name that is not hers. Hannah Campbell is joining our school in this capacity and we are so excited to welcome her.
  • And, the name of our Grade 1 teacher – Cerridwen Aker – did not make it through her introduction unscathed. For those of you who now are wondering the correct pronunciation of Aker, it is, in fact pronounced /ˈeɪkər/, with a long ‘A’.
  • When introducing Jenn Corning, I identified her as assisting Teacher Kristina in the Nursery. Of course, Teacher Kristina is in the Kindergarten!
  • When I referenced the program that Anastasyia Turcotte is in charge of after school, it was by the incorrect name. It is the After School Program.

My apologies for the slips of the tongue. I also want to share that for all of you who were not able to be present at the Wildflower ceremony, some new traditions took place.

During the Wildflower Ceremony Mr. Sloan pointed out it was at the faculty meeting prior to the first day of classes that our Grade 12 students joined us to share their hopes for this upcoming year. Of the sentiments expressed, one was for new traditions to be borne as we all find ourselves on this new campus together. Birthing a new tradition was our senior class, in which they offered words of advice to our Grade 1 class. Among these tidbits of wisdom included, “stay close to your 8th grader”, a demonstration of how to knit (including the imaginative verse that goes with it), and a whispered secret of how one may be able to spot a fairy in Gnomeville.

It was truly touching to see these young men and women harken back to the time in their education when the magic of childhood was more vividly alive – and to plant these seeds of wonder and excitement for the year, and journey, on which these youngest of our grades students have just embarked. As one looked around Merriconeag Hall during the ceremony, one could imagine seeing a veritable sea of wildflowers dotting the benches and chairs – those students who have preceded this Grade 1 class, under the steadfast nurturing and radiant love of the faculty who have helped them to unfold into the brilliant wildflowers they are.

Best wishes to each of you for an equally magical school year!

David Eichler, Pedagogical Director