Our Annual Green-Up Day is Thursday August 31st

Parents and children of all ages are invited to Maine Coast Waldorf School’s third annual Green-Up Day on Thursday August 31th, from 3:00 – 6:00 pm at 57 Desert Road, Freeport.  Help us celebrate the start of the new school year by working and learning together, as we “green-up” our campus.

Park at our newly paved main parking lot!

Meet at the picnic table, by the Grades 1-4 building.  (Walk up the main path, just past the yellow building)

Watch your step! And keep a hand on your child.   This is an active construction site;there will be large trucks and holes. Under the guidance of The Resilience Hub, we will be doing hands-on permaculture projects.  You needn’t have any experience, or even know what the word permaculture means.  Just come ready to work outdoors.  This event is suitable for adults and children of any age who can do gardening work – younger children are welcome, but we cannot provide supervision.  This is a wonderful way to welcome new families, re-connect with old friends, learn some new skills, and help the faculty and school in a fun project.

This year’s projects:

  • Sheet-mulching and planting the gardens behind the Handcraft Building
  • Planting trees and companion plants with sheet-mulch techniques in the parking lot islands
  • Build Wattle fences around sensitive plant areas in the lower grades playground
  • Reclaim the chicken’s yard at the ECC

What you can bring to Green-Up Day:

  • Water bottle, sun hat, gardening gloves
  • If you have them, bring shovels, clippers, trowels. (Put your name on each one.)
  • Long, straight willow branches (or other pliable tree branches) that are 3 feet or longer in length and ½ – 1” in diameter for the wattle fencing – if cut within 48 hours, they’ll be pliable.
  • Newspaper (remove shiny inserts and adhesive advertisements)
  • Large cardboard boxes, flattened, free of tape or staples

 We will have refreshments and light snacks.   It’s okay if you can only come for part of the time.