Robust Coffee House Takes the Cake

Last week’s annual High School Coffee House treated a standing room-only audience to an evening of poetry, song and circus performances. Ably and amusingly co-hosted by seniors Ava Haag and Thomas Kolle, the Coffee House showcased nearly half of the high school students’ talents.

Many thanks to students who shared their poetry: Rodrigo Cortes-Estevez, Sabrina Small, Riley Smith, Charlie Van West, Sylvie Fenderson, Sarah Norden, Emma Goldberg-Courtney, Avery Bakewell, and Fiona Libby. Other literary offerings included a French poem recited by Rodrigo and Sylvia Holland, and another by Nick Neveu an original rap by Thomas McLaughlin, and a Rumi piece by Sylvia and Riley.

Musical presentations featured the acoustic group (Tucker Pierce, Davis Ritger, Dylan Wu, Thomas Kolle); the twelfth grade German class singing a traditional folk song; a trio of Thomas, Sarah Grill and Brenna Moore; Brenna also pairing up with Maria Barton; Sarah Grill solo singing a medley of popular pieces and accompanying herself on the ukulele; Fiona accompanying Ava and Sabrina in their rendering of “Je Vole,” Sabrina singing a traditional Irish song, and Ava performing an original song.

Jennie Bakewell and Sarah Norden also added movement to the program, with Jennie doing an acrobatic routine, and Sarah performing above the stage on an aerial hoop called a lyra.

Attendees also enjoyed a smorgasbord of delicious desserts, the proceeds of which will help fund the Siddhartha School student’s tuition in Ladakh, India, and the upcoming Model UN conference.

Thanks to all the parents who helped to bake for the evening and/or helped to clean up. Special thanks to those teachers who helped to organize and work at the event: Regine Whittlesey, Ann Coltman, Susan Sonntag, Clara Aumann, David Barham, and Johanna Flath.