Couldn’t make it to last week’s media conversation? Get the content!

Thank you to the 40 parents who joined us last week to talk about our questions and challenges in cultivating healthy relationships with smart devices.  We learned that parents want:
  • Help modeling good smart-device behavior
  • Advice on how to teach moderation
  • Easy and established ways to communicate with other parents (to find out “what is really going on” and share ideas)
  • Advice around situations where their kids have more access to smart devices than at home (e.g., when visiting relatives)
We have some great ideas to help!  To get real-world tools that were also offered to attendees (or to share your perspective) email us at [email protected]
Again, thank you to all who attended!  We will be emailing extra content this week.  The PA is hard at work putting together some next steps based on what we heard from you. So, stay tuned!