Maine Coast Waldorf School Receives Grant from Whole Kids Foundation

Good news! As a result of our collaboration with The Resilience Hub, MCWS received a $2,000 grant from Whole Kids Foundation that will be used to create our first edible forest on campus.  An edible forest is a food producing ecosystem, including mature fruit and nut trees at the canopy level, with blueberries, raspberries and other native fruit and nut bearing shrubs beneath, and wild herbs and perennial vegetables forming the ground cover.  An edible forest (also called a food forest) is not only a key educational component of our permaculture master plan, it also furthers our ability to engage the greater community through collaborative workshops.

The design of the edible forest will be undertaken by the Agricultural Arts Committee and The Resilience Hub, along with faculty input; it will be planted with support from the participants in the Permaculture Design Certification Course and, wherever possible, students and parents. The grant money will be used to purchase the plants.  If you are interested in this project, contact a member of the Agricultural Arts Committee: Kacie Breault, Ellen Labbe, Lynn Wetterhorn or Lynne Espy.

We are deeply grateful to our Grants Team for yet another successful grant!  Please thank them when you have a chance.  The Grants Team includes Gina Sawin (alumni parent, former board member), Suzanne Olson (former grandparent), Julie Beane (current parent), and Megan Shore (current high school parent).

Lynne Espy, Development Director