Maine Coast Waldorf High School Girls & Boys are Class C Nordic State Champions!

This is the 5th consecutive year for Maine Coast Waldorf School boys winning the state championship and the 7th consecutive year for the girls as state champs! Congratulations to the skiers, head coach John Tarling, assistant coach Sam Kapala and many thanks to all the parents and friends who made the trek to Waterville to watch the races!

Despite it being vacation, the Nordic team’s past week was action packed.  With practices at the beginning of the week, followed by a waxing and pasta party, then off to Waterville for two days of racing in the Class C states event, it was a busy time.

In unseasonably warm and sunny weather for February, the team gathered at the Quarry Road trails in Waterville on Thursday morning for the classic race, doing their best to avoid the unavoidable mud while crossing between the waxing area and the parking lot to access the trails.  After much wax testing and assessing, the boys headed out first and landed four skiers in the top eight (Nick Neveu-2, Tucker Pierce-3, Dylan Wu-6, Eli Gundersen-8) for an impressive first day score of 19 for the team.  The girls headed out next and, not to be outdone, laid down a perfect score of 10 for the team (Olivia Skillings-1, Louise Ahearne-2, Fiona Libby-3, Wilson Haims-4).  Stopping for pizza on the way back to Freeport on Thursday afternoon was a nice respite between all the activity.

Friday morning the team was up early, heading back to Waterville for the skate race on the second and final day of racing.  The boys set out first and results were again strong, with the boys earning a day 2 team score of 32 (Tucker-2, Nick-3, Dylan-13, Eli-14) and the girls a day 2 score of 24 (Olivia-1, Louise-3, Fiona-8, Wilson-12).  The two day totals were more than enough to secure first place for both the boys and girls teams, with the boys totaling 51 and the girls just 34 (and for those of you that don’t know how this works, the lower the score the better).

We received some nice press about the races – click on these links for articles from the Portland Press Herald: