Early Childhood One Campaign Morning Coffee – other opportunities

The Early Childhood parents who attended Monday’s One Campaign Morning Coffee were very excited by what they learned about the One Campaign. A tremendous outpouring of support from this community is making it possible for us to unite the entire EC-12th grade school onto this campus and, at the same time, renovate existing buildings to accommodate our growing and developing school.

Perhaps you didn’t know that we have an improved and expanded walking and Nordic ski trail system located on the grades school side of the campus that you can use. Have you seen the new buildings that are currently under construction: an educational support center, a main office and a new high school? These buildings will benefit the EC families, even if you don’t yet have a child in the grades. Next fall, construction will begin on a café and commercial kitchen as well as music and performing arts classrooms, all of which will be wonderful assets to the entire school community and the greater community.

We will offer another opportunity for Early Childhood families to learn about the One Campaign in early spring. In the meantime, if you are interested in hearing more, please reach out to one of us:

Lynne Espy – [email protected]. 865-3900 Ext 116
Mark Ruggiero –[email protected]
Kristina Farm-Morrill – [email protected]
Lisa Lukis– [email protected]
Tay Veitch – [email protected]

Link to trail map

Educational Support Center
Main Office
High School Construction