Registrations are still open for Foundations Studies at MCWS!

We are so close to getting our local Foundations Studies class off the ground! So close, in fact, that we are holding registrations open just a bit longer in hopes of filling just a few more spots to make the class feasible.  I know it feels especially busy with the holidays at our doorsteps. But, while registration needs to happen now, the course doesn’t begin until after the New Year on January 9th. It will be the perfect time for self-renewal through hands-on exploration of Waldorf philosophies and principles! Commit this time to yourself and join us for this enriching and community-building experience.

It only takes a few moments to register. If we don’t make the required participation level to move forward with the class, all registrations will be refunded. Register Here, and Under “Choose Cluster Location”, select “Maine Coast Waldorf School Year 1”.  If you have questions or concerns that are holding you back from registering, please reach out to EC parent, Rebecca Waddle (207-671-2734 or [email protected]) or Foundations Studies Coordinator, Barbara Richardson (207-865-6482 or [email protected])

Why Foundations Studies?
Just what is it that draws us to Waldorf Education?
This program is designed for anyone wishing to understand the underlying philosophical basis for Waldorf Education. It has been offered in school communities from Blue Hill, Maine to Orange County, California. Participants have varying levels of experience with Anthroposophy. Participants have included parents, teachers preparing for Waldorf training, board members, community members, teaching assistants, volunteers – and alumni!

In our all-too busy lives this program is designed to be manageable. It is offered in our own community, close to home, on a part time-basis and at a reasonable cost. A minimum of 15-18 people are needed to form a “cluster”. Participants bring their life, work and parenting experience into the content of anthroposophical inquiry, thus finding new meaning behind the phenomena of daily life. Shared questions, presentations and artistic renewal help develop a support network for both our Waldorf school and the evolving adult relationships within the community.

Recent participants reflected on the experience:

I did not know what to expect but it was much more than I would have imagined – the philosophy, the people, the friendships, the handwork, singing, eurythmy and potlucks. I found it very centering. Once every two weeks was just right.”

“I loved these classes so much. There was so much material to work with and think about; such rich themes and interesting discussions. I love the depth Steiner brings to my thinking process and the poetic nature that I feel I access when reflecting on what he is talking about.”